What is Holistic Healthcare?2021-04-07T16:59:52+00:00

A form of medical care that considers the whole person. That is, mind, body and emotions. Our goal is to help our patients achieve optimum health.

How can I book an appointment?2021-05-03T22:12:22+00:00

Click the BOOK AN APPOINTMENT button at the top-right corner of the screen.


Call us at 876-615-4000 


Send us a message on WhatsApp at 876-360-8766


Do you accept health insurance?2021-04-07T16:59:52+00:00

Yes. We accept health insurance from the following companies: Guardian Life Ltd, Sagicor Life Jamaica Ltd & Canopy Insurance Ltd.


How can I access medical marijuana-based treatments?2021-04-07T16:59:52+00:00

Depending on the nature of your ailment and recommendations from your physician, you will be provided with a prescription for your treatment. Give us a call (876-615-4000) or send us a WhatsApp at (876-360-8766) to discuss the nature of your needs.

What are the medical conditions that medical marijuana can treat?2021-04-07T16:59:52+00:00

Medical marijuana comprises of two key components being THC and CBD which are both capable of treating a number of medical conditions. Click here for more info.

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