COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 Support2021-04-07T17:09:43+00:00

Rapid Antigen COVID-19 Testing is offered at our sister facility, Pure Jamaica Medical Centre, located at:

1 Stanton Terrace, Suite 7,
The Stantons, Kingston 6. 

Our process is fast, efficient, and discreet – by appointment only.

What is Holistic Healthcare?2021-04-07T16:59:52+00:00

A form of medical care that considers the whole person. That is, mind, body and emotions. Our goal is to help our patients achieve optimum health.

How can I book an appointment?2021-04-07T16:59:52+00:00

Click the BOOK AN APPOINTMENT button at the top-right corner of the screen.


Call us at 876-615-4000 


Send us a message on WhatsApp at 876-360-8766


Do you accept health insurance?2021-04-07T16:59:52+00:00

Yes. We accept health insurance from the following companies: Guardian Life Ltd, Sagicor Life Jamaica Ltd & Canopy Insurance Ltd.


How can I access medical marijuana-based treatments?2021-04-07T16:59:52+00:00

Depending on the nature of your ailment and recommendations from your physician, you will be provided with a prescription for your treatment. Give us a call (876-615-4000) or send us a WhatsApp at (876-360-8766) to discuss the nature of your needs.

What are the medical conditions that medical marijuana can treat?2021-04-07T16:59:52+00:00

Medical marijuana comprises of two key components being THC and CBD which are both capable of treating a number of medical conditions. Click here for more info.

What is Self-Quarantine?2021-04-07T15:56:06+00:00

Persons who may have been exposed to COVID-19 are asked to “self-quarantine” (separate themselves from others) for a period of 14 days. This 14 days is based on how long symptoms usually take to show. If the 14 days end without symptoms, persons can end their quarantine. However, they should continue practicing: 

  1. Social distancing
  2. Washing of hands frequently 
  3. Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and objects daily

The quarantined person should practice the following:

  1. Stay alone in a well-ventilated room
  2. Always cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue and throw it away in a covered bin. 
  3. Wash hands, using soap and water before and after using the bathroom, coughing and sneezing. 
  4. Avoid touching eyes and mouth, especially after coughing or sneezing. 
  5. Have little to no contact with other members of the household and restrict visits from family/friends.
  6. Restrict members of the household from utilizing the same bathroom.
  7. Caregivers should wear a mask when in the same room as the exposed person.
  8. The exposed person should wear a mask if they must access other common areas of the household or if a caregiver needs to enter the room to offer assistance.
  9. Masks should not be touched or handled during use. If the masks get wet or becomes dirty, it must be replaced immediately with a clean, dry mask.

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